Elines Cosmetics Skincare

March 15, 2023

About Project

ELINES Cosmetics mainly focuses on selling sheet masks as well as other high quality face and body products. We believe that our business is more than just bringing people great Korean products, it’s also a way to share our values with you. We strive to stay close to our clients in order to offer inspiration and support to them. We aim to empower women by inspiring you to take care of yourself more and to increase the amount of self-love and nurturing you give yourself.

Technology Used

ELINES Cosmetics has been built through WordPress and we have developed extra functionalities for the client, including pre-orders and CRM set-up. After finishing the project, we continued taking care of the website maintenance.

VenueHub Mini-Program
Web Design, Web Development, WeChat App
French Dentist
Design, Development, QA, Maintenance
Examify Web Application
Logo, Webapp, App