June 19, 2023

About Project


Post Apocalyptic Pandas are a collection of 2,500 hand-drawn customisable NFTs warriors that are here to rescue humanity from the brink of their own ecological devastation.

Pick your weapon of choice from a massive arsenal with the $BAMBOO earned from completing team missions against the forces of nature.

Somewhere in the not too distant future, the earth we know is in the middle of an environmental apocalypse, with San Francisco being one of the last strongholds for humanity.

Fortunately, Scientists have discovered a unique chemical compound in Bamboo shoots that can be extracted into a potion to allow humanity to breathe in the new fog of air, dust and CO2 that has blanketed our atmosphere. In order to scour the planet for every last piece of Bamboo, 2,500 elite soldiers took an experimental medical procedure that altered their DNA to match those of the native Giant Panda embedded with special energy Gems that power their bodies. These 2,500 soldiers are known as the Post-Apocalyptic Pandas. They are tasked with a series of increasingly difficult missions to save what is left of humanity with their weapons, armor and a bit of luck.

Technology Used

Built from scratch through React.

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